inspiration island - burning man 2002
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Inspiration Ritual

Everyone is invited to join the Inspiration Ritual.

To participate, simply follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Ask for Inspiration
Pick a blank Inspiration Pad, and write your burning question in the top part of the form . Hang your Inspiration Pad from a Wisdom Tree. You will soon receive the inspiration you seek.

Step 2: Give Inspiration
Check other people's unsolved questions on the Wisdom Trees. Pick one that inspires you. Write your inspiration in the bottom part of the Pad, then offer it to the Oracle.

Step 3: Find Inspiration
Once an Inspiration Pad has been filled, the results are posted in the Book of Inspirations. Check the Big Book to find inspiration from hundreds of other participants - including an answer to your own question.

Check out the First Book of Inspirations, collected at Esprit Park in San Francisco in July 2002.

The Full Book of Inspiration will be posted on the web in fall 2002. Be sure to sign-up here to get it by email.


Bamboodu Chant

For more inspiration, listen to the Bamboodu Chant, which which will guide you through this ancient ritual.

long ago
by a tranquil sea
the oracle spoke
to the bamboodu tribe

oh bamboodu
hey bamboodu
the oracle awaits you
on inspiration island

come find your soul
where flowers glow
and secrets flow
on inspiration island

write a wish
on a silver leaf
and hang it from
a wisdom tree

whisper your dreams
to the octopus
and beat the drum
to meet your fate
on inspiration island

oh bamboodu
hey bamboodu
the oracle awaits you
on inspiration island

Edited by Dr. Fabio - 07/28/02