inspiration island - burning man 2002
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Inspiration Island is a project of The Mind Shaft Society, an unprofessional anthropological association devoted to the study of consensual hallucination rituals.

Distinguished members include:

  • Dr. Fabio (aka Fabrice Florin)
  • Dr. Really (aka Freddy Hahne)
  • Dr. Matisse
  • Dr. Skidz
  • Dr. Wheeler
  • Dr. Fasman
  • Dr. Wood
  • Dr. Rheingold
  • Dr. Dea
  • Dr. Disher

and other media juggernauts.

We are pleased to share our findings from Inspiration Island, which reveal in full detail the remarkable story of the advanced Bamboodu civilization.

Our group email address is

For more information about this project, visit The Mind Shaft Society Site.




Edited by Dr. Florio - 07/28/02