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First Book of Inspirations

Visitors to the July 21 Burning Man launch party at Esprit Park were invited to participate in the legendary Inspiration Ritual, exchanging inspirations through a 3-step process:

  1. ask for inspiration
  2. give inspiration
  3. find inspiration

Participants shared over a hundred inspirations in just a few hours, and amazed us once again with their creativity and imagination.

What they wrote is posted anonymously below, in the First Book of Inspirations. A Full Book of Inspirations will be posted here after Burning Man, in fall 2002. Be sure to sign-up here to get it by email.

We are very grateful to our guests for sharing their inspirations so freely. Many thanks as well to the gracious organizers of Burning Man, for their foresight in fostering self-discovery in a gift economy.

For more inspiration, check out our Bamboodu Ritual Slide-Show (Flash 6).

oh, great oracle!!!
oh, wonderful oracle!!!
oh, oracle of oracles!!!
I ask the inspiration in the teeniest crevice of things often missed, but never forgotten!!!

Give freely.
No expectations.
No limits.
xxxx King xxxx

Help me not to look for the worst of things, people, events.

All things have beauty but only some can see it - Confucius
Seek beauty!

When does never start?

If you see the Buddha on the road - kill him.
And never trust advice.

How do I make huge buckets of money without spending time doing anything I don't want to do?

Recalibrate your buckets.

Why must humans walk on plants? And throw cigarette butts everywhere?

Because they misread the manual which really said:
"walk on the planet and look at butts everywhere."

Why does nothing give me wonder anymore?

That which is beyond hope is beyond grief.
Move on.

How can I get off my ass?

Isn't there a chemical or medication for that?

Help me finish my dissertation!


Think of your audience as an inner-city 3rd-grade class.

I help people finish their dissertations for a living. (Really!)
Give a call! 415-552-7777

What the hell am I going to write about in PISS CLEAR this year?

Nursing mothers on the playa

I wish to continually feel the magic of Spirit Mundi coursing through my soul.

Don't Panic!

For the courage to complete myself in all ways.

You are already complete.

Wishing for the strength to believe in ego less love and beauty and the courage to follow through with the optimism of the heart.

Remember to spin your merkaba!
Be in the light by shining yourself.

I seek enlightenment.

Snack on your savior!

Why do my intimate relationships always end?

There is a beginning and an end to everything.

Let my inspiration flow ...

There only ceases to be a solution
When you stop searching for one

Why do I still not know what I'm good at?

If you always do
What you always did
You'll always get
What you always got.

Why are cats so pretty?

Because they don't care that you think them so.

Why does love hurt so much?

Sharp nails!

Help me get inspired for the floating world, please!

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and follow your bliss.
Start doing what your heart says and inspiration will follow.

How can I come to terms with the beast within?

By finding Beauty in a monstrous Visage!

Is the fish fresh?

As fresh as my belly button.

Is there life after hope?

Nope - just dope & the pope.

Is the Coyote hopeless or just stuck with a horrible supplier?

Ask Playground.

Am I just a horny bitch?

Drop the "just" part. Stand proud and say:
"I am a horny bitch, dammit!"

If Rush Limbaugh is:
"mental floss for the brain to prevent truth decay"
What the hell is: Larry Harvey?

The Happy Demise of all that is "Right"

Give these people peace.

Give all people a noogie.

I would like my beloved to say hi

I would like too say hello to my beloved.

My roommate won't admit he's kinky

Spank him until he does!

Blowjobs are inspiring. May I have one?

Just remove a couple of ribs and you can have as many as you like.

How can I be more like the playa chicken in my everyday life?

Marinade yourself in life & throw yourself in the BB

Why do I still not understand women?

They are a separate species.

If you are the man for me how will you find me?

925 828-0804




Collected at Burning Man No Spectators Day, Esprit Park, San Francisco - Sunday, July 21, 2002

The full results from the inspiration ritual at Burning Man will be posted in our Big Book of Inspirations, to be published on the web in fall 2002.

Be sure to sign-up here to get it by email.

Our group email address is
For more information about this project, visit The Mind Shaft Society Site.

Edited by Dr. Fabio - 07/28/02