inspiration island - burning man 2002
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Ancient Civilization Discovered on Inspiration Island
Bamboodu Garden of Delights to be unveiled at Burning Man 2002

MILL VALLEY, Monday August 19, 2002. Today, the world-renowned Mind Shaft Society announces a major breakthrough in cultural anthropology with the recent discovery of the Bamboodu Garden of Delights, an underwater site located on Inspiration Island in the South Pacific.

"We've been searching for the legendary Babmoodus for years", said Mind Shaft anthropologist Dr. Fabio, one of the first witnesses to this discovery. "The Garden of Delights reveals in full detail the remarkable story of this advanced civilization." Ancient artifacts unearthed last week suggest the Bamboodus had developed an advanced inspiration ritual in their sacred garden sanctuary. "This ingenious culture gained new wisdom through collaborative painting, drumming and storytelling activities," said Dr. Fabio. " We are now restoring this ritual site so that everyone can benefit from their inspirational power." The Mind Shaft Society plans to unveil its findings from Inspiration Island at Burning Man 2002, a major cultural science fair held the week of August 26 in Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

The Mind Shaft Society's most significant breakthrough is the discovery of a giant octopus that has been living in the Garden of Delights for nearly a century. "The Bamboodus relied on the Octopus Oracle for all important decisions." said Dr. Really, chairman of the Mind Shaft Society. "They worshipped him as lord of the underworld, and master of their collective soul." The OctopusOracle is indeed a bewildering creature, and displays unusual signs of intelligence. Mind Shaft scientists believe that it actually feeds on creative interaction with other life forms.

"We are discovering new plant species everyday," said Dr. Matisse, lead botanist at the Garden of Delights site. "The Bamboodus were expert gardeners and grew giant hybrid flowers that provided shade and spiritual nourishment to their people." Dozens of plant species survived the Great Flood that submerged Inspiration Island last century, after the Age of Irrational Exuberance. Now underwater, flowers in the Garden of Delights still flourish at the base of the island's volcano.

Excitement is building worldwide about this groundbreaking development. "This could revolutionize the way we share knowledge for centuries to come," said Dr. Rheingold, a leading authority in cultural anthropology and head of the Brainstorms Institute. "The Bamboodus figured out an art of living that we could all learn from."

The official sponsor of the Mind Shaft's Inspiration Island's exhibit is Playa Air, the no-frills, come-as-you-are airline that is fast becoming a favorite mode of transportation at Burning Man. "Playa Air is thrilled to participate in this exciting project", said Philippel Habib, CEO of Play Air. "We'll be offering daily flights to Inspiration Island from all major Playa locations, as well as discount travel packages for all members of our Six-Foot High Club".

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Edited by Dr. Fabio - 08/19/02